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Sklavenitis SA



An international firm of architects,

planners, constructors, civil engineers

and interior designers specialiSing in a

wide range of construction and design services.


Sklavenitis SA was founded in 1958 by Civil Engineer Demetrios Sklavenitis in Sydney, Australia, where he was engaged in the construction of private luxury villas. In 1973, the company relocated to Greece and focused on the architectural design, supervision and construction of luxury apartments and villas.

The company, currently on its second generation, is now run by Spiros Sklavenitis, Civil Engineer - Developer, and Efi Sklaveniti, Architect - Engineer.  Our experience in luxury residential construction, including villas and blocks of flats has been proven through our extensive portfolio of work including projects all over Greece, as well as in Panama, London, Cyprus and Australia.

Sklavenitis SA has extensive experience with a wide range of Design and Construction services. We are specialised in: Construction and Development, Consulting, Real Estate, Property Management,  Architectural Design, Bioclimatic Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Interior Yacht Design, Architectural Lighting and Project Management.

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Team leaders


Construction Manager

Spiros was born in Sydney-Australia. As Construction Manager he has an extensive experience over 20 years in planning and implementing private projects. During the construction phase, he works with the contractor to ensure that the quality of the construction meets the required specification. He takes particular care when dealing with the day to day site issues to maintain the project’s design vision. This often involves the continuing close consultation with the client. He can undertake the construction management of any project, delivering it finished, with the «turn-key» design-build system.



Efi is born in Sydney-Australia and studied at AUTh. She has an extensive experience over 20 years with studies and construction of residences, offices, shops, hotels, residential complexes and business premises. She is characterised by dynamic design, the use of original methods and innovative materials. Also, the continuous monitoring of the projects she undertakes distinguishes her in the preferences of her customers. The main concern of herself and her associates is the uniqueness of the designs and the attention given to the detail of it according to the needs of each customer. She places special emphasis on the quality of construction so as to create functional, aesthetic and technical spaces with the aim of improving the quality of life, raising the standard of living and respecting of the environment.

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