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Sklavenitis SA have an extensive experience over than 60 years by providing services like Construction and Development, Consulting, Real Estate, Property Management, Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Interior Yacht Design.

Office Building


Sklavenitis SA is a full service construction and development company with over 60 year of experience. Development and construction is a maze of “what-ifs” and “how-to”. As a result, it can become an immense challenge. There is no job is too big or too small for us. We handle it with precision and ease. We have vast experience in: land acquisition, engineering, construction, renovations and property management. Whether it’s a high rise, hotel or a single family residence, it’s a job best left up to the experts like us.

Urban Architecture Model


We believe that the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all elements which constitute the character of a building, such as: the structure that holds it, its functionality, its ecological design, and the quality of natural light, its symbolism, its relation to environments, the way somebody moves through and around it. Our architectural department, led by Efi Sklaveniti, is one of the most accomplished architectural firms in Greece, with over than 60 years of experience and working across many important sectors and types of buildings, both nationally and internationally. We help our customers to realise their visions, provide them modern and responsible solutions, even for their more complex needs.



Sklavenitis SA provides comprehensive consulting services. Our experience enables us to deliver an integrated service to our customers through the lifespan of a project. Our consultants have the required experience to provide cost-effective solutions. To the everyday challenges those owners, contractors, engineers and architects face, we are the catalyst for the solution. From the initial idea to the completion of a project, we help our customers to facilitate the process to mitigate complex problems.

Office Building


Our interior design is characterised by a holistic approach to the experience that architecture has to offer from outside to inside.
Our goal is all the spaces we decorate to be aesthetically and functionally ideal and to offer a beautiful, cozy living space.
We emphasise to the quality of light, the selection of materials, the use of color and the variety of furniture and artwork to harmonise the interior with the style of the building.
We approach each project with collaborative spirit with the client to create harmonic, familiar spaces with symbolic meanings, creating excellent interiors combining a spectacular and functional result. We achieve a wonderful result that connects people to their place.

Office Building


Our passion, for the property as well as our commitment to meet your needs and to fulfill them, is our guide. We use cutting-edge technology for estate evaluation, enabling us to offer to you services of high quality, reliability and honesty. We achieve the best result for our customers by mediating the process at each stage and participating in the negotiations in a fair and efficient way for both sides.

If you seek to buy or rent a property, our mission is to secure for you the most possible options, in order you to make your decisions easily, with respect to your needs. If you offer a property for selling or rent, we will pursue to find the most profitable solution for you. Our consultants are the right value and valuation appraisers for planning the most fruitful deal of the property that interest you.

Urban Architecture Model


We believe that major projects are the result of an integrated planning approach, where all aspects of design are synthesised harmoniously to create user-friendly environments. So, our solutions contribute to creating an open space that expresses the delicate balance between function, climate, style and culture. In order to achieve a better synthesis of an open space is a must the deep understanding of how people use outdoor spaces to get their best experience.



Sklavenitis SA undertakes the full-time or seasonal management of property in order to turn them onto a profitable investment for their owners. 

Our property management services include: caretaking, repair works, evaluation & Interior consultation, booking management on well-known platforms (AirBnB, etc.), cooperation with travel agencies abroad, guests communication, welcome services (check in – check out), concierge services, housekeeping & maintenance and financial management. 



We offer interior design solutions, and refit design services, at all scales from tender to mega yacht. Our designers closely cooperate with our customers, to create the best possible interior layout. The solutions we propose are a clear statement of our Mediterranean culture with sunny interiors and light colours.
The distribution of spaces, circulation, furniture and the search for natural light together with a careful selection of materials, textures and finishes means designs are adapted to perfectly match the customers’ specific needs and desires.

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